Fall Kick Off Event at the Forum Shops

One of the most unique shopping experiences here in Las Vegas has to be The Forum Shops.  Needless to say I was over the moon being invited to the Blogger & Influencer Fall Kick Off event.

We all arrived to the VIP Valet area to be quickly ushered to our first store around the corner, which happened to be Dior Beauty.

We were greeted with beautiful flutes of champagne, a very knowledgeable store manager who shared with us the new fragrance Dior just launched called Joy.  She said this is the first NEW scent Dior has released in twelve years!  It really was divine with notes of powder and citrus, it just may be my new go to!

Next they showed us their super secret Spa room where they perform facials!  Only those “in the know” book!  Make sure you ask about it on your next visit!


Next stop, one of my personal favorites……Stuart Weitzman.  There was the cutest model outside modeling one of their hottest shoes right now, The Veruka bootie.  It came in some surprising hues for fall!  Dovetail Blue Grey, Rose Clay Pink, Stone and of course Black.  She also showed us this amazing soft shoe that was made to bend in half….very unconventional but beautiful.  Let’s be real though, as far as I’m concerned, SW is synonymous with TALL boots.  I don’t think anyone does them better.  She asked for a model and of course I volunteered.  They brought out a beautiful black Hiline Suede Boot.  To. Die. For.

Then it was on to Sam Edelman in the newer section of the mall.  We were warmly greeted with a short history of the brand.  There were a lot of fun trends.  Very 90’s inspired, along with all the usual fall suspects.  Booties for days, including the hot point toed white version that we will be seeing everywhere during FFW 2018.  Something I was most surprised to see was a line for children and clothing!  I had no idea Edelman forayed from shoes!  Again the clothing had a lot of tiny daisy print and bum bags….very Cher from Clueless.  I loved it.


Our last Fashion stop was the always soigne’ Ted Baker.  Every store is decorated differently, I urge you to pop into this one.  It is so immersive, not one detail left out, very Alice in Wonderland!  Ted Baker is always known for Bows and Pink in the womens, I was happy to see a little change of up the palette for fall going into the Holidays.  Red and black with embroidery, beautiful Khaki greens, and new silhouettes for their dresses.  The manager had a selection ready to show us that included a one shoulder number with an ethereal feather print, so fresh.   For men, animal prints are BIG, and of course their impeccable suiting with eye catching lining.  That never goes out of style!  He said they will be stepping outside of their usual with a cosmic print, I can’t wait to see that!

Last stop was LUNCH at Sushi Roku!  We were ravenous and so excited.  Manager Johnny met us at the door.  We were relieved to hear he had thoughtfully taken all of our dietary restrictions into account.  He led us to a beautiful long table in a room filled with light and a gorgeous view of the strip.  He said that it really comes alive after sunset.

He started us off with various sashimi, also something called a Tuna Pizza that was exceptional.  Then moved onto a few hot dishes, GF fried rice that had the surprise edition of fresh green beans that I loved.  Steak wrapped asparagus served on a hot stone,  Steak Tobanyaki with Truffle Ponzu, and a Sea Bass cooked to perfection!

Did I mention the drinks?  No??  They were absolute works of art.  My cocktail had a mix of muddled strawberries and sage along with Sake and Vodka, it was SO refreshing.

Thank you again Forum Shops and Christie Moeller for hosting such a wonderful event!



Tiffany Talks Trends: Denim

Everywhere you have looked this spring, you see DENIM!  I’m not just talking jeans either.  Dresses, rompers, skirts, the list goes on and on.

Yves Saint-Laurent once stated that he wished he had invented blue jeans as jeans “are expressive and discreet, they have sex appeal and simplicity,-everything I could want for the clothes I design” (The Fashion Book, Levi Strauss Designer, 1998).

Levi Strauss, a door to door salesman who had immigrated to North America from Bavaria, lured to California by the Gold Rush to sell his fineries. The miners asked him for sturdy and durable work pants. With the help of a tailor, Strauss put together work pants that were most likely made out of the canvas he had brought with him to make tents. In the 1860s, he began to make pants made from heavyweight denim, and because the pants were dyed with indigo they were named “blue jeans”.

Did you know that the original design of Levi Strauss blue jeans, Design 501, was influenced by the style of the loose trousers worn by Genoese sailors?

Me neither.

To make Levi jeans more durable, copper rivets were added to reinforce.  This innovation helped to stop the weight of the gold nuggets from tearing the pockets.

I know what you are thinking, “where’s my gold nuggets?!”.

Soon thereafter the back pockets of the jeans were reinforced by adding that iconic stitching in the shape of a double arc design using that trademark orange thread.

Jeans had originally been designed as men’s work pants, but in the 1870s, Western women who worked along with men on ranches and farms began to wear men’s jeans.
In 1930, Vogue magazine ran an advertisement depicting two society women in tight fitting jeans, a look that they called “Western chic” (still happening).

By the mid-1930s, department stores were stocking Levis jeans and western boots in the women’s section. After World War II, jean manufacturers would offer a version for women, similar to those of men, but with a side opening instead of a fly-front opening. It was not until 1958 that adjustments were made in the design of women’s jeans to flatter the female shape.


Denim Tips:

  1. Always mix dark and light washes…..no Canadian tuxedos.
  2. If this scares you, try black or grey jeans with a light blue wash jacket.
  3. It does pay to invest in nice denim.  Fast fashion just does not last, especially if there is spandex involved.  A few washes and they will be drooping.
  4. Wash your denim inside out to preserve the color.
  5. Hang to dry.
  6. Don’t be scurred!  Have fun!
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History of Jeans

Spring 2018 What to Wear

Neiman Marcus at Fashion Show invited us for a sneak peak of this season’s MUST HAVES!  We were greeted by beautiful Green Butterfly Martinis from Neiman Marcus Cafe, that once we gave it a little swizzle tasted like a melted popsicle in the best possible way!

green butterfly

Not to mention a magnificent spread of rainbow colored macaroons and lovely hors d’oeuvres!

gift bags

Then we were shown the eye candy for the season! Are you ready?  Here we gooooooo!

Bright eye catching colors such as punchy pinks and sunny yellows.

Statement sleeves, think puff, bell, tie and ruffles.

Floral, all the floral.  Floral ON floral.

Stripes, horizontal and vertical.  Color block too!

Sunny specs with rose colored lenses.

Pointed toe shoes.  Tapered and elegant.

Logo bags, let them make your fashion statement for you!

Rainbow Jewelry, dazzle them with your wildest rainbow and unicorn dreams!

Sparkle!  Glitter and glam here ladies.  Don’t be shy!  Shimmery lips and glitter coated lids!


As a special treat, a Tom Ford makeup artist was there to share the hottest beauty trends for spring.  He showed us beautifully pigmented shades of eye shadows that are exclusive to Neiman Marcus.  Not to mention the most fun shades of mascara to give you that added pop.   He also shared with me the best trick of the trade I’ve ever heard thus far:  he recommended that you use the Purple mascara to make your eyes look more youthful, as newborns arrive earth side with a violet wash to their lids.

Tom ford

HELLO!  Give me all the purple!  To top it all off, we were given some pretty fantastic gift bags inspired by this season’s rainbow bright theme inside!



All in all, as far as I am concerned, spring has sprung.  Leave your inhibitions at the door and rock those colors with the confidence and moxy that they demand!  Enjoy!




Sweat it out Sunday

When I got the invite to join the 411 Mommas in a cycle class, I can’t say I wasn’t hesitant.   I had a very bad spin experience many, MANY years ago.  To make a long story short,  I was 18.  I rode my mountain bike pretty regularly.  I sauntered into the class like I owned the place.   The very fit gentleman adjusted the bike for me, told me to hop on and strapped my feet in.  We started pedaling, then after the warm up, he instructed to let out on all resistance.  Winding, winding and winding……I got a little out of control so I just STOPPED pedaling…….on a fly wheel bike.  Needless to say my shoes ended up getting ripped off and thrown to the window in front of the class.  The instructor stopped teaching.  Gathered up my shoes and handed them to me where I quickly ducked out of the class with a bruised ego annnnnd ankles.  I haven’t stepped foot into a spin class since.

This experience though, was VERY different.


We walked into XCycle Las Vegas, a light, bright and welcoming space.  After signing a waiver the friendly gal behind the counter asked my shoe size and handed me a pair of cycling shoes with the special clip in on the bottom.  I did get a little nervous about this, but I kept telling myself it might make things more efficient and cause less ankle fatigue so I just went with it.

We started to explore the merchandise.  T-shirts, tanks and water bottles with witty sayings.  Socks if you need them, body sprays for freshening up, and assortment of beverages for your hydrating pleasure.


We made our way back to the co-ed complimentary lockers to stow our things and put on our special shoes.  When I opened my locker,  what did I find?  A USB plug to CHARGE YOUR PHONE.  Another impressive touch.  As we walked back, a photo booth area caught my eye (I never pass up a photo booth opportunity mind you).  My friend and I quickly hopped in to snap a few shots with props provided.  It also is complimentary, and very user friendly.  It takes 3 shots and then you can email them to yourself as stills or a compilation GIF.


Before the class started, we thought it would be a good idea to hit the restroom since we would be attached to the bikes and all.  The bathrooms/showers were beautifully clean and well stocked with toiletries, even hair ties (it’s about the little things people).  Then IT WAS TIME.  I was NERVOUS.

The teacher named Kat (or @Partyonabike on the Gram if you are so inclined)  gave us all one on one attention since we were newbies.  She showed us how to adjust our bike, step into the clips and step out of the clips.  She saw the little bit of panic in my eyes and said “if it’s serious and you need to go quick, just un-velcro your shoes and bail out”.  That surprisingly made me feel better.  Having two exit plans quieted the anxiousness creeping up in the back of my control freak brain.  Surveying the bike, it was very cool looking, towel was neatly rolled above the handle bars, they also provided hand weights of various heft of your choice, for what I wasn’t sure but knew I was going to find out soon.


Once the class started, all the apprehension melted away!  The music, the lighting  and Kat’s instruction were perfection.  I enjoyed myself the WHOLE time!  There is a comradery amongst the riders that is palpable.  By the time we were done, I didn’t want it to be over…….although my legs were feeling a bit baby deer-ish as I unattached myself from the bike.

When they open the door for you to exit, they greet you with ice cold towels which is VERY welcome indeed.


Pressed Juicery was there with different refreshing juices to try, assorted R.E.D.D Energy Bars and Protein House Peanut Butter “Cookies” to refuel us.

Kat explained to us the amazing deals they have now. Gave us a tour of their sister gym XenXen, a gorgeous yoga studio.  Completely wood, from top to bottom with soft lighting.

Verdict:  I cannot wait to get back in the saddle again!  Trying the Yoga next!

Check out the Video here.