Virtually sit down with me and learn how to consciously create chic outfits that align with your brand and your target audience.  Whether that be via social media, or in the office.


My colleague and I will meet with you and your staff.  We will go over the psychology of the first impression and the importance of your appearance and how it affects your business.  Helping to execute your brand’s message and attract the clientele your really want.


“Working with Tiffany was truly inspiring and amazing! At first I didn’t know quite what to expect but I wanted a fresh perspective on my brand and style. She guided me through her unique process and we had a date in my closet!! She shared with me how to put outfits together that captured my uniqueness but also unleash my powers to draw my soulmate clients to me. When I speak or show up at an event now, I feel empowered and liberated to be me. I am getting more compliments which creates more confident in myself and business.

I used to go into my closet and wear the same outfits every week, Tiffany helped me organize it in a way where I can see what I have and quickly put outfits together. I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe but haven’t spent more money. And the few pieces that I was missing she helped me identify those on  created my own board in Pinterest! 

Every woman needs to go through this experience with Tiffany!” – Julia Carlson, Fit Money