Bloggers Spring Fling at the Forum Shops

Have you ever had breakfast by the Fountain of the Gods?

Well it is quite lovely if I do say so myself! We had a lovely selection of pastries, coffee and MIMOSAS. Yum!

Then we moved over to the luxury luggage brand Rimowa !

The sleek designs roll with ease! But our favorite part was the ability to personalize with specially made stickers! Give a blogger (or bloggers) a sticker book and watch what happens.

Thank you Cesar for being so gracious!

We then moved onto Club Monaco, which I was super excited to see. A lot of my Canadian friends had spoken highly of it.

Danielle greeted us warmly, offered us champagne in beautiful Gatsby-esque glasses. We all oooh’d and aaah’d over the clean lines and neutral colors. Like a breath of fresh air.

She then showed us the highly modern dressing rooms where you could adjust the lighting from indoors, outdoors, evening and club! WHAT?!?

Afterwords she brought out a rolling rack with the stores favorite trends and GIFTED us all an outfit of our choice!! We all squealed like school girls and got to trying on.

In the end I chose the cream Leileh straight leg crop and linen like button up blouse. I felt like I could get a lot of mileage out of it for spring/summer.

Thank you so much for a lovely time Club Monaco!

Next Stop: Robert Graham

Harinder was ready for us! He shared so many gems I never nines about the brand!

Like they have a WOMEN’S LINE!?!? It’s so colorful and gorgeous. Not to mention they have limited editions that are numbered. Know with confidence that you will be the only one in the room with that particular piece, which is important to me!

I will definitely be back!

We made our way to Ray Ban! I was super excited to try on all the glasses!

Gary was so informative, and let us know about their new products and the fact that they have an in house optician and take insurance! Totally blew my mind! I can’t wait to get my next exam there!

After all of this excitement, we were famished and ready for lunch.

On to Sushi Roku!

Johnny’s hospitality can’t be matched. He had a Sushi professional waiting to show us the intricacies of carving blue fin tuna, and invited one of us to demonstrate how to make a spicy tuna roll! It was sooo fun!

Then the good part, the food!

Johnny made sure to let us know they have a VEGAN Omikase menu, which I know so many people that would LOVE that.

Course after course came out, every one topping the next.

Sushi Roku is truly one of the finest sushi experiences in the city. If you haven’t been there, it’s time to check it out!

Thank you Caesar’s Forum Shops for the lovely sneak peek. You always spare no expense and impress us every time!